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 Time period/races/sides and classes

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Time period/races/sides and classes Empty
PostSubject: Time period/races/sides and classes   Time period/races/sides and classes I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2018 3:46 pm

Theme: Medieval/fantasy
Time period: Crusades
Year:  1202


Lawful good| Neutral good |Chaotic good
Lawful neutral | Neutral | Chaotic neutral
Lawful evil | Neutral evil | Chaotic evil

Allowed races:

• Human
• Vampire (Please specify a clan)
• Werewolves (Please specify a pack)
• Nymphs
• Gnomes
• Halflings
• Elves (please specify sub-race)
• Angels
• Demons
• Shape shifters
• Fairies

**Please remember this is greatly impacted by your race, especially if you are a vampire**

Fighter Classes: Knights/Paladins/Rangers
Magi Classes: Mage/Sorcerer/Witch/Wizard/Necromancer
Rogue Classes:  Thief/Bandit/Pirate/Ninja/Gambler Assasin
Cleric Classes: Priest/Healer
Other Classes: Bards/dancers/Monks/Alchemist/Engineer/Psychic/Scholar

Sides to choose from:
• Allied to the crusades
• Allied to the Byzantine Empire
• Non-Ally -> Mercenaries, pirates, etc
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Time period/races/sides and classes
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