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 Constantinople, 1202...

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PostSubject: Constantinople, 1202...   Thu Aug 30, 2018 2:57 pm

It is the year of our lord 1202; the times are tumultuous for humans and supernatural beings alike.  No creature is safe in the streets of Constantinople; the city is spiraling into chaos as a holy war unravels. Will fellow supernatural beings be able to unite against a common enemy or will they battle one another until a bigger foe ceases their existence? The city stands on the verge of war. The crusades march toward a city in turmoil. Behind it all the hidden sects pull the strings, justifying their war in the name of their god. Even now spies and agents of the crusading army reside in Constantinople, gathering information and readying weak points for the coming force. The city itself is thriving. Citizens wonder about their daily lives, ignorant to the storm clouds in the horizon. From the port to the palace, it is the epitome of the Byzantine Empire. People from all walks of life inhabit every section of the city.

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Constantinople, 1202...
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